Making a full dinner in Gor

This is for slaves, and or free women that DO cook. I made this up one day, by adding it all together in RP, and everyone seemed to like it and it worked. The Menu is:

  • Appetizer: Bread and vulo butter with honey
  • Soup: Specialty (You’ll learn how to make it when it comes up)
  • Main Course: Roasted Bosk, with a spicy spauce you top over.
  • Desert: Ramberry Tarts and Sugar Folds. (Sugar folds is my own private recipe)

Alrighty, now lets get started with the Appetizer of Bread and Vulo butter with honey.

  1. Purchase a loaf of bread, or make it from scratch, which will cost the same in the end.
  2. Take a butter knife and cut the bread in even slices.
  3. Arrange the bread on a plate in anyway you like, and take out your jar of vulo butter.
  4. Open the vulo butter jar and dip in the knife. Spread even strokes on the bread.
  5. Don’t put to much vulo butter on the bread, there is still honey.
  6. Rinse your knife of the vulo butter and put it away, then take out a honey jar.
  7. Open the jar, and spread even strokes ontop of the butter. Serving size: 12 pieces.

So there it is, thats your appetizer. After you finish roleplaying this you can also heat the bread on a thin pan in your oven. Now onto the soup. The specialty soup:

  1. Take a nice large bowl and fill it with water. Hang over oven.
  2. Take assorted vegatables and cut them into the soup. I suggest spicy and crispy vegatables.
  3. Take a large ladle and mix in the soup, it should become a red spicy flavor and colour.
  4. Take some cheese, and cut it into thin strips, drop it in.
  5. Let the soup heat, the cheese will come to the top and make a thin cover over the soup, but make sure you only put the cheese on when your serving it.
  6. Serve it. Serving size should be: 6 people

Ta-Da! Pretty soup, huh? Anyways, so after you serve it, and remember this that the post should be 6 lines long no less. Now, time for the MAIN course!

  1. Purchase a thigh of bosk.
  2. Roast it over a oven until it is rich in the middle, and crusty on the outside.
  3. Preserve it in a bag tight for 20 minutes.
  4. Take it out and quickly heat it up again.
  5. Take spices, any of your choice, and marinate it in them.
  6. Cut it for your guests. Serving size: 8 people.

Mmmm. Wonderful eh’? Now for the last course of the meal. The one you have been waiting for. Dumm de dumm… DESERT of Ramberry Tarts and Sugar Folds. (Sugar Folds is my own private recipe.):

  1. For the Ramberry Tarts, take some dough and fold it in flour.
  2. Take some Ramberries and mush them in a bowl, keep some of the ramberries still floating.
  3. Slide the sauce into the dough.
  4. Fold the dough in a square. Take a knife and make little marks in it.
  5. Put the tarts in an oven, and take them out in 30 minutes when they are a light brownish colour and crispy.

Now for the Sugar Folds…:

  1. Take some dough, cut it into squares and fold it into flour.
  2. Fold it over, but make sure there is space in the middle.
  3. Take a  powdered sugar and pour it over.
  4.  Take a bowl, hang it over the oven, fill it with water and put the sugar folds on it.
  5. They will float, and you will fold them over when one side is fully brown.
  6. When the entire sugar fold is a nice brown, take them out, dry them, resugar them and serve.
  7. Serving size: 12 pieces. 

And there you go. That is a FULL dinner in Gor! Have fun, and try to make each part 6 lines or more. Thanks. And Goodbye! Seeya next time. Dont hesitate to contact me in-world at:

Twilight McMinnar


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